Transfers from/to Mahon Airport

Transfer Choices - Airport Buses, Taxi or Shuttle?

There are no direct Airport buses to any beach resorts so are simply not a viable transfer option as you must travel to Mahon main bus station and then wait for infrequent services to reach Holiday Resorts.

Daytime there are plenty of Taxis from outside arrivals and for 4 or less passengers to Holiday Resorts within 25km they represent the best value and convienience. However they do not provide (or can be booked) child seats).

For larger groups,greater distances from Airport or Ferryport eg West Coast resorts or you need to guarantee a child seat we recommend either a shared or private transfer . We recommend Shuttle Menorca as they are a local bus company that has been in operation for many years and own all their vehicles.

Before booking any shuttle services on the Internet we strongly advise you to determine the name of the company who will be performing the transfer on Menorca ( there are only 3 bus companies! ) .

West Coast Resorts Taxi one way prices in Eur to compare.

Ciutadella City 53
Cala Blanca 58
Cala en Blanes 57.50
Cala en Forcat 59
Cala en Bosch 66
Cala Morrel 60.65
Santandria 57
Son Xoriguer 67
Shared Transfers-lowest price with restrictions 

You take your luck with how many other destinations your fellow passengers(if any) need to be dropped off/picked up from and wait times on arrival/departure. Passengers travelling to villas, apartments or private accommodation will be dropped off and collected at the nearest hotel.

Private Transfers-Door to Door

The vehicle is just for your party so is more expensive but no waiting and no extended transfer times. There is also a VIP option with luxury vehicles

Book Transfer Online

Sample quotes for Popular Transfers more to come

Don't forget to pre-order child seats

return Shared Transfer per person 2016
Airport Mahon - Arenal den Castell 23.22 €
Airport Mahon - Cala en Forcat 23.22 €
Airport Mahon - Cala Blanca 23.22 €
Airport Mahon - Calan Bosch 23.22 €
Airport Mahon - Cala Galdana 23.22 €
Airport Mahon - Fornells 23.22 €
Airport Mahon - Son Bou 23.22 €
return Private Transfers upto 4 persons 2016
Airport Mahon - Arenal den Castell 104.77 €
Airport Mahon - Fornells 105,33 €
Airport Mahon - Cala en Forcat 167.88 €
Airport Mahon - Calan Bosch 184.52 €
Airport Mahon - Cala Blanca 167.88 €
Airport Mahon - Cala Galdana 134.76 €
Airport Mahon - Son Bou 84.85 €

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