Holiday and Travel Insurance

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Hopefully your holiday will go to plan - you'll have a wonderful time and you won't need to use your insurance. However, things do sometimes go wrong. You may fall ill or have an accident, your luggage could be stolen or you may have to cancel your holiday altogether. For your own peace of mind you need to know that you have the correct insurance in place before you go.

Travel insurance is generally sold as a package and will usually include the following:

Emergency medical treatment Cover for emergency medical treatment costs includes an air ambulance flight home, as well as any hotel or travel costs which come about through sickness or injury. You must tell your insurance company if you have any permanent or recurring illness as they may wish to have a doctor's report before they cover you. UK citizens are entitled to free or cheaper medical care in EU countries so if you're travelling to an EU country you should get Form E111 from the post office and take it with you. You will still need insurance though, as it doesn't help you with emergency flights home, extra travel or accommodation costs.


Your policy will cover any costs if you have to cancel your holiday because of an accident, illness, jury/witness service, redundancy or damage to your home.


Compensation may be paid if your flight is delayed more than a specified number of hours. Luggage and belongings Luggage and belongings are covered if you lose or damage them. There is usually a maximum amount payable per item so if you have any expensive goods you may have to pay a higher premium. There is also a limit for cash so don't carry large amounts.

Personal liability

This is in case you are sued if you accidentally injure someone or their property. The limit is usually between £1million and £2million.

Personal accident

A lump sum is paid on death or permanent disability.

Legal expenses Some policies will pay legal expenses if you want to claim compensation for damages following personal injury or death.

24 hr helpline

Most insurance companies provide a 24-hour emergency telephone helpline. Remember you must always take your policy with you together with the insurance company's UK phone number. It will tell you what to do in an emergency.


For some types of claim there may be an excess. This means the insurers will not pay the first part of a claim (usually up to £50). Read the small print and check any exclusions.

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