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Menorca Flight Plans and Transfers

Flight numbers to Menorca have always been restricted in number which means the island is more peaceful but you will need to book sooner rather than later! To make independent traveller bookings easier we have gathered together those reliable web sites where you can view and book online.

Listed below, by departure airport and departure day ( main season**), are those companies that offer a online booking service. NOTE we have also selected web sites that offer multiple airlines so you might find more than 1 flight for that day.

(To avoid expenses please do not book flights until we have confirmed your Holiday Home is available - online availability calenders (95% accurate) ARE NOT a confirmation of availability)

Flight Tips

Every year when travel numbers are predicted to fall due to economic difficulties the airlines reduce their flight capacity to Menorca not their prices. Holding off for lower prices will often mean you run a high risk of not getting enough seats for all your party and the prices will be probably be higher.

Tuesday flights will often seem a 'bargain' however most accommodation owners cannot accommodate a Tuesday changeover except possibly outside the high season. Tuesday flights are only a very recent introduction and owners will not be able yet to offer this day.

Its also possible to find a cheap flight to Palma de Majorca that arrives before 14:00 then fly on to Menorca with Air-Berlin at about 16:00

Airport Website


Airport Code for Menorca is MAH or often listed as Mahon.

**Note that some flight days will only be available in main season or part of the season - check online for latest.

Departure Airport Monarch ThomsonFly Jet2.com EasyJet Thomas Cook Vueling Flybe
Limited Season
mid May to
end August
also from Barcelona and Madrid
Belfast We Tu Fr
Birmingham Mo,We,Fr We,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr,Sa
Bournemouth Mo
Bristol Mo,Fri Th,Sa Fr
Cardiff Fri Fr
Doncaster Sheffield Fr Mo,Fr
East Midlands Mo,We,Fr,Sa Tu,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr
Edinburgh Sa Fr Th,Sa Sa
Exeter Fr Fr
Glasgow Fr Sa Fr,Sa Sa
Humberside Fr
Leeds Bradford Mo,Fr We Mo,Tu,Fr,Sa Fr
Liverpool Su,Mo,We,Fr
London Gatwick Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa Mo,We,Fr,Sa Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr,Sa
London Luton Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa We,Sa Mo,We,Fr
London Stanstead Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr Fr,Sa
London City
Manchester Su,Mo,Tu,Th,Fr Mo,We,Fr,Sa Sa Fr,Sa
Newcastle We,Sa Sa