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Paradise Beaches

Beach Paradise

Menorca beaches once experienced are rarely forgotten. Menorca is blessed with so many beautiful beaches that you're never more than 5 miles away from the next one! Menorca ( Minorca) is a beach paradise, not on the other side of the world but just 2-3 hours flight time away. Picture postcard beaches can be found all around this small sparsely populated island (35 km long by 15 km wide) - that's why you're never far away from a new beach experience everyday.

Good to Know

Even in the touristy resorts when you are floating in warm waters looking back to shore you won't be looking at a beach horizon full of ugly high rise hotels or neon bar strips. There are more beaches (100+) than on Majorca and Ibizia combined so even in high summer you won't be fighting for your patch! If you decide not to hire a car a bus service links the most popular resorts and their local beaches. Due to their geological origins many of Menorcas beaches (very common on the south coast) have gently sloping beaches falling into the sea, making the waters warm, with shallow sandy bottoms stretching out for many, many metres. Ideal for babies, smaller children and fringed with rocks great for snorkelling too. For those who prefer doorstep resort beaches Menorca offers some of the best with lifeguards, daily cleaning and a range of water sports and beach side bars, restaurants. Topless sun bathing is usual on most beaches.

Sun loungers and Umberellas can be hired at all major resorts, but thye are not cheap. Fortunately you can get discounts after 15:00

Virgin Beaches

The real jewells in my opinion are the many beaches enclosed in stunning and protective natural bays on the north and south coasts. The so called virgin beaches "calas virgenes" are amongst some of the most beautiful beaches you will find anywhere within a three hour flight from home. These beaches, often remote, offer a touch of paradise close to home. By taking one of the half or full day boat trips, Specialist water taxis you can visit some of these more remote bays and beaches that are only reachable from the sea. An unforgettable experience. Even if you have small children don't miss the opportunity to spend at least half a day at one of Menorca's beautiful virgin beaches. More and more have been made ecologically accessible by car and a short walk, without disturbing their natural pristine state. You won't regret it! The virgin beaches listed below can be reached by car and a short walk even with small children. Give yourself a beach experience to remember.

Take a picnic and visit these beaches after 17:00. Often any parking or access charges will not be collected as the attendant has gone home, the beach will be emptying even more and you will be able to enjoy a magnificent sunset - and I promise you if you have any children, afterwards they will love you too!

  • Cala Macarella
  • Cala Mitjana
  • Cala Mesquida
  • Cala'n Turqueta Bus no. 68 from Ciutadella
  • Cala Algaiarens Bus no. 62 from Ciutadella
  • Son Saura Bus no. 66 from Ciutadella

What beach type are you?

If you are a strolling barefoot in the surf type, then you'll love long sandy beaches. Menorcas' longest sandy beach is the 3 km long Playa de Son Bou in the middle of the south coast. Other stroller beaches include Santo Tomas, Cavaleria and the other northern coast virgin beaches. If you enjoy dreamy bays, fringed with pine clad cliffs then head for Menorca's southern coast. Carved by ancient rivers flowing through lush limestone gorges they spill into the sea creating spectacular protected sandy bays. You'll find classic examples of these at Cala en Porter, Cala Galdana and many many of the south's virgin beaches. For the romantically and adventurously inclined there are many remote beaches only accessible on foot, where often you will find them completely deserted or with just a few like minded people. Cala Pilar is a secluded red sandy beach typical of the northern coast totally natural and set in beautiful and dramatic scenery. There is a small car park from where you take a 35 minute walk over a wooded hillside with lovely views. You might find people smearing themselves with a red mud there as a natural skin refresher. Try it, because you're "worth it".


There are no official nudist beaches on the island however the following locations are popular choices. Most frequented is spectacular Binigaus beach - to the west of Santo Tomas. Easily reachable and there is a car park at Santo Tomas beach. Walk west along the Santo Tomas beach. In addition Cala Mesquida, Cala Macarelleta, Cala Trebaluger or Cala Es Bots are frequented in certain areas by nudists.